Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio! My name is Surya, and I am 22 years old.

I graduated from from university in December 2015 with a B.A. in English, as well as a second A.A. in Japanese. However, my interest is evenly divided between the editorial and the sartorial.

 I made my first wearable garment in July 2013 after being inspired by the beautiful costumes I had seen at Fanime that year, though it was a simple skirt from a commercial pattern. It fit terribly and was completely unfinished, but I loved it. By January of the following year I had worked up the courage to attempt a real cosplay, which is when I really started sewing.

 I purchased another commercial pattern, but, being of an essentially suspicious nature, I bought the cheapest available fabric (broadcloth) and made a test version. I thought I was very clever to have done this, as the version made according to the pattern was almost five inches too large, until I discovered that creating a toile is, in fact, one of the most integral parts of the sewing process. This was also my first experience with pattern drafting- there was no pattern for several parts of the dress, but as they were primarily rectangular in shape I simply drew my own on tracing paper. The sleeves I draped by wrapping my arm in fabric and sticking pins in it; I did not yet understand the concept of ease, which made for an uncomfortable costume and a temporary but unfortunate habit of overfitting. That one costume, however, was the gateway to a larger passion for sewing and design. 

Cosplay has informed my interest in historical fashion and textiles, and studying historical clothing has granted me a greater understanding of proper construction and finishing. I hope I will only improve from here on out!

If you are interested in following my work in a more convenient fashion, my Instagram account can be found here, and my blog here.