Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio! My name is Surya, and I'm an award-winning cosplayer.

 I made my first wearable garment—a simple gathered skirt from a Simplicity pattern—in July 2013, after being inspired by the beautiful costumes I had seen at Fanime that year. It fit terribly and was more or less unfinished, but I loved it. By January of the following year I had worked up the courage to attempt a real cosplay, which is when I really started sewing. These galleries as an archive of some of my favorite pieces at the time I made them (regardless of my current sentiment!) and are ordered from most recent to oldest.

Cosplay has informed my interest in historical fashion and textiles, and studying historical clothing and vintage couture has granted me a greater understanding of construction and finishing techniques. I hope I will continue to improve!

If you are interested in following my work in a more convenient fashion, my Instagram account can be found here.